Book Review: Don't Make Me Think (Revisited)

I decided to pick up Don’t Make Me Think (Revisited) to learn more about UI/UX since I’m not that familiar with that topic. And well here is my review:


  • Author makes it easy to follow and read
  • Not technical so anyone can learn what he’s teaching.
  • Shows best practices and how to not make silly common mistakes.
  • Good examples on how to do useability testing


  • The mobile part is outdated (It was released in 2013) but you get the idea/points he’s making from the previous chapters
  • Wouldn’t recommend to someone who has UI/UX background since this seems like it’s only giving a high level over view in the subject.


The book is under 200 pages and would strongly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn more about UI/UX, or just in general on how the structure of websites came to be. It’s amazing that the things he goes through are pretty simple, but thats the point, simple is best.